CH LaRich Stars to the Maxl SOM - "Jack"
Owner: Laverne Howard and Patty Chandler
Breeder: Laverne Howard and Patty Chandler
Sire: CH Maxl's Golden Boy SOM ("Conner")
Dam: CH Starkist of LaRich ("Sweetie")
Whelped: March 29, 2002
Titled: CH on June 27, 2003 - SOM on August 8, 2009
CH LattaLane's Cover Story DOM - "Christi"
Owner: Thomas & Carol Latta
Breeder: Thomas & Carol Latta
Sire: CH Storybook's Rip It Up SOM ("Jake")
Dam: Am/Can CH Savoye's Shantilli Lace DOM ("Chassi")
Whelped: May 5, 2001
Titled: CH on October 18, 2002 - DOM on June 7, 2009
CH Breho Heldenbrand EZ Lovin' DOM, CD - "Anna"
Owner: Karen Emerson and Brenda Stuckey
Breeder: Brenda Stuckey and Terri Galle
Sire: Am/Can CH Breho Sanjac EZ Travlin ("EZ")
Dam: CH Breho Heldenbrand Heartlight ("Amee")
Whelped: March 7, 1997
Titled: CH on October 16, 1999 - CD on October 13, 2001 - DOM on November 21, 2003
Am/Can CH Savoye's Shantilli Lace DOM - "Chassi"
Owner: Thomas & Carol Latta
Breeder: Pamela & Barbara Savoye
Sire: CH Sundarby's Fleetwood Mac, SOM ("Mac")
Dam: CH Savoye's Tulipwood Crystal ("Lindsay")
Whelped: April 19, 1997
Titled: CH on April 3, 1999 - DOM on October 20, 2002
CH Dasel's Attitude is Everything DOM - "Sable"
Owner: Mark & Janet Ewing
Breeder: Dalene Lewis and Mark & Janet Ewing
Sire: CH Schoolmaster's Easter Noah, SOM ("Noah")
Dam: Dasel's Desert Lily ("")
Whelped: December 27, 1995
Titled: October 31, 1997
CH Holly Lane's Wild as the Wind, SOM - "Willie"
Owner: Pat Healy and Eileen McClintock and Howard Engle
Breeder: Eileen McClintock
Sire: CH Shieldmont's Let's Make A Deal, SOM ("Dealer")
Dam: CH Heldenbrand's Raven Holly Lane, DOM ("Raven")
Whelped: May 6, 1992
Titled: CH on October 16, 1993 - SOM in 2002

Top Twenty Competitor in 1995

CH Jerelyn's KopyKat of Har-Vel, DOM - "Kopy"
Owner: Carolyn Rogers
Breeder: Carolyn & Jerry Rogers and Velda Rounsaville
Sire: CH Shieldmont's Let's Make A Deal, SOM ("Dealer")
Dam: CH Har-Vel's Kansas City Kitty, POM ("")
Whelped: December 28, 1992
Titled: CH in 1994 - DOM in ??
School's Simple Addition, DOM - "Addie"
Owner: Della Caldwell
Breeder: Della Caldwell
Sire: CH Jo-San's Future Time, SOM ("Mr Pink")
Dam: CJ's Memory Lil O'Schoolmaster ("Lilly")
Whelped: January 28, 1990
Titled: DOM - ??

5 Champions from 2 Litters

Holly Lane's Spring Breeze, DOM - " "
Owner: Patricia Gibson
Breeder: Patricia Gibson and Eileen McClintock
Sire: CH Holly Lane's Wind and Fire ("")
Dam: CH Holly Lane's Winter Wind ("")
Whelped: May 15, 1986
Titled: DOM in 1986

4 Champions from 2 Litters

CH Heldenbrand's Heart Breaker, SOM - "Breaker"
Owner: Elvinia & Sherman Heldenbrand
Breeder: Elvinia & Sherman Heldenbrand
Sire: CH Heldenbrand's Jedi Knight ("Jedee")
Dam: CH Wheatland's Gem v Heldenbrand ("Gemmie")
Whelped: March 3, 1985
Titled: CH on September 24, 1988 - SOM in 1993

11 Champions from 13 Litters

CH Holly Lane Flamboyant Carlon, SOM - " "
Owner: Eileen McClintock
Breeder: Bob & Carole Long and Eileen McClintock
Sire: CH Salgray's KO Aracrest, SOM ("KO")
Dam: CH Carlon's Classy Chasis ("")
Whelped: November 19, 1986
Titled: CH on March 13, 1988 - SOM in 1995

16 Champions from 13 Litters

CH Carlon's Classy Chasis, DOM - " "
Owner: Carole & Bob Long and Eileen McClintock
Breeder: Carole & Bob Long
Sire: CH My-R's Haybinder of Holly Lane, SOM ("Hondo")
Dam: CH Carlon's Sassy N Classy, DOM ("Sparky")
Whelped: June 10, 1983
Titled: June 1, 1986
CH Oliver's Solid Gold, DOM - "Candy"
Owner: Velda & Harold Rounsaville
Breeder: Mary & Emmett Oliver
Sire: CH Har-Vel's Gold Chips ("Chips")
Dam: Oliver's Meri-Lu-ia ("")
Titled: 1985

1989 ABC Dam of the Year